Living The Spicy Life Starting With Buldak Ramen Noodles

Didn't end with the noodles

Melissa D. Steele
3 min readNov 18

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It all started with my first pack of Buldak Ramen Noodles. I bought them from my local flea market on a whim just because I saw them sitting on the counter with a sign saying they were $3 per pack. Initially, we purchased two packs. My husband and I had the crazy idea that we would record a mukbang.

Shocking that didn't happen.

My husband didn't even eat his. After eating the first pack, I was instantly hooked and I ate his too. Now before you judge me, he wasn't going to eat them anyway because he doesn't eat spicy food. To him, spicy is a little extra salt.

I, on the other hand, definitely live the spicy life and I constantly searching for the ultimate spicy food. I have yet to find anything too spicy for me. No matter how buffalo the wings, they do nothing for me, so of course I would give spicy noodles a try.

I admit that the noodles were different than anything I've had and exceeded my expectations. To start, the noodles were much better quality than your regular I'm broke and only have a dollar to eat ramen noodles. They were high quality, large, thick, and delicious. The hot sauce packet gave a large quantity of sauce for your noodles and included was a packet of peppers for that ultimate kick.

When you first taste it, you're tricked by a slight sweet taste but that only lasts for a split second. After that initial taste, the fire kicks in and it is amazing. It's the type of burn that if even a drop of the sauce touches your lips it will burn for the rest of the day. It is an eye-watering, sinus-cleaning type of burn that I love so much.

Once I got tired of going to the flea market and found the noodles on Amazon, my husband decided to give it a try. I made the mistake of making him a pack. He ate one noodle and handed me the bowl. Like I said, he does not eat spicy food.

One day, I went to place another order of noodles and something came up in my suggested that would change my life forever. The section of things I might also like was the Samyang